Filmore 'Filthy' West (Vagrant)

Tall and decrepit with ragged hair and scraggly stubble. His left arm jitters continually. He smells awfully.


Wearing torn, stained and castoff clothing, Filthy carries a small bag that holds all his worldly possessions. The smell of stale Smash and alcohol follows him everywhere.

Int 3 Ref 5 Tech 3 Cool 6 Attr 3
Luck 10 MA 8 Body 5 Emp 10/9

Save 5 BTM -2

Street Survival 8, Streetwise 7, Human Perception 5, Persuasion and Fast Talk 4, Awareness/Notice 10, Expert: Eavesdropping 8, Hide/Edave 7, Brawling 2, Melee 1

A palsied left cyberarm that jitters and sparks of it’s own accord. (1/2 strength, low finger mobility)

Filthy clothes and Rags
Mossberg Model 500
Type : Single shot shotgun
Accuracy : 0
Availability : Excellent
Concealability : Non concealable
Magazine : 7
Rate of fire : 1 Cartridge : 12 gauge (4D6/2D6/1D6+1)
Reliability : very reliable
Range : 50 meters


There are rumours that Filthy was once an important Cop or Investigator, but that was all before he drank himself into oblivion. Filthy has no memory of his real name or past life… he can barely remember yesterday.

Filmore 'Filthy' West (Vagrant)

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