Neon City Nights

Escape from SongSong
Session one

The players Escape from prison (SongSong maximum security offshore penitentiary) during a massive riot. Their egress was helped dramatically by a mysterious explosion which rent the great curtain walls of the prison and allowed them to gain the beach and commandeer a police ship, amidst the ensuing confusion. Both Fan Death and Juan were severely injured in the chaos as falling concrete and re-bar tumbled upon them during the battle (Critical level for Juan and Mortal 0 for Fan Death).

After hours of evading search efforts the crew managed to beach at an isolated pier along the coastline. Using her talents, Fan death shut down automated security while the rest of the team gained entry to the villa. Amidst bloodshed (a small security team and the villa’s Owner, a low-level corporate Exec for Biotechnica named Merson) the team gains transport and weapons in addition to a large amount of saleable items (jewelry, trinkets, etc) and cash from the Merson’s safe.
During the battle Fan Death is rendered unconscious due to bloodloss from her earlier injuries but is revived by a dangerous concoction of pure-medical adrenalin and black lace. The clock on her life is set to 4 hours until it wears of and her heart stops. The team takes their newly attained bounty and turn down the coast at top speed as dusk approaches.

On the horizon looms the murky silhouette and bright lights of Neon City.

Heng sha skyline trailer


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