Cube House

A typical cheap coffin/cube house


Cube house

Cubes, also known as coffins are typically stacked 3 high with ladder rungs set up in between units. Amenities are minimal, with most rarely having more than a few shower and bathroom stalls, if that many. No laundry facilities are offered. Clerks usually pay little attention to peoples comings and goings, and are usually more interested in whats on their computer screens than whats happening in the cubehouse. They are also, invariably, enclosed behind 3/4" armored glass (SP 15) and safe from the vast majority of upset customers.


The cube/coffin is a small (3’wide x 6’long x 4’tall) self contained, air conditioned unit with integral computers in the upper wall. Entry is gained via a lockable portal style door. All coffins are highly durable (SP 20). They include emergency air-supply units in case outside air quality is compromised (nerve gas, tear gas, etc.) that is good for 3 hours. The integral computer includes both Dataterm links and live net links, with services rendered as per the standard costs (Movie 10.°°, VR/Chip Rental 4.°°, Braindance 20.°°, Data Term Use 1.°° per minute).

Cube House

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