The Hoffman (Corporate)

An upperclass 'Go-to' for the corporate Elite.


Possessed of middling height (5’9"), the Hoffman still strikes an imposing figure. Clad in expensive suits of costly material, he is a collector of ostentatious jewelry and is rarely caught without a small fortune in baubles on his person. His hair is the colour of pitch and kept short in stark military fashion, though he often has fine imagery and designs etched into it. The Hoffmans’ right arm is a gold plated marvel of sleek lines and beautiful design. He ALWAYS wears villainously expensive sunglasses from behind which, on the left side, an eerie red light emits. His voice commands respect to all who hear it. The Hoffman is a man of evident money and power and thus is not to be taken lightly.

Int 9 Ref 6 Tech3 Cool 7 Attr 10
Luck 6 MA 6 Body 6 Emp 9/6

Save 6 BTM -2

Resources 8, Awareness/Notice 4, Human Perception 7, Education 6, Library Search 3, Social 6, Persuasion/Fast Talk 8, Stock Market 5, Wardrobe & Style 6, Personal Grooming 6, Intimidate 5, Streetwise 4, Oratory 4, Leadership 3, Seduction 5, Gamble 6, Hide/Evade 5, Dodge/Escape 5, Handgun 4, Pilot(Gyro) 6

Cyberoptic w/ Camera, Anti-dazzle, Targeting sight, single-shot high powered laser (4d6+3, shorts out the eye until recharged, takes 6 hours)
Cyberarm w/ Medium autopistol in the palm, Gold plating (14 carat!) and data terminal.
Cyberaudio w/ wearman, phone link, recorder.

Armoured suit (SP 10)
Beretta DI-57 Ferro
Type : Heavy automatic pistol
Accuracy : +2
Availability : Poor
Concealability : Jacket
Magazine : 21
Rate of fire : 2/3 Cartridge : 5.7 mm (3D6 AP)
Reliability : very reliable
Range : 50 meters


The Hoffman (Corporate)

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